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Hotmail.it Vs Gmail: A feature-by-feature Comparison

Gmail is a web-based email service that offers free services. Emails can be sent and received at any time if you have a valid internet connection. Gmail was launched by Google in 2004, and it completed its testing phase on July 7, 2009. Likewise, Outlook is a web-based email service owned by Microsoft. Hotmail was launched in 1996, and later in 1997, it was purchased by Microsoft. Back in 2012, it was renamed Outlook and continued its amazing services under the direct supervision of Microsoft. 

Outlook Vs Gmail

Gmail lacks many important features that Microsoft Outlook has. It is because Google integrates many different products with Gmail. For example, Microsoft Outlooks offers built-in calendar and contact features, while Gmail integrates these features from google rather than built-in. 

This article includes Outlook vs. Gmail: Feature-by-feature comparison. Outlook comes with much better and up to date features as compared to Gmail, where Gmail integrates almost all of its features through Google. 

Outlook Vs Gmail: Storage Comparison

If you have a subscribed version of Microsoft Outlook or hotmail-itaccedi.website, then you can have storage up to 50GB. Whereas in a free version, you get 15 GB of storage with additional storage of 5 GB with a free OneDrive account. In comparison, Gmail storage is limited to 15 GB for both Gmail and Google drive. 

Winner: Outlook

Outlook Vs Gmail: Security Comparison 

Gmail has two-step verification, and an email sent through Gmail are automatically encrypted. In comparison, the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook offers the option to encrypt the emails. But users have to make sure that they have selected the option before sending the email. 

Winner: Gmail

Outlook Vs Gmail: Customer Support Comparison

Gmail offers direct support from Google while hotmail.co.uk from Microsoft. Gmail offers a ‘Help Center’ and, besides, offers community support. You can also question other Gmail users regarding troubleshooting problems. At the same time, Microsoft offers free online chat support for its users and also offers dedicated support from Microsoft 365. 

Winner: Gmail

Outlook Vs Gmail: App Integration Comparison

‘Connector’ is available in outlook app integration along with the “Add-ons,” Whereas Gmail has a huge number of useful extensions that can be installed easily in Google Chrome. ‘Add-ons’ are also available that can be integrated directly into Gmail, including Zoom and Slack.

Winner: Gmail

Outlook Vs Gmail: Basic Features Comparison

The outlook is far better than Gmail when it comes to the basic feature comparison. Microsoft Outlook offers built-in features like Calendar, Bill payment notifications, and contacts. Whereas Gmail offers the same features through Google assistance. 

Winner: Outlook

We conclude our comparison with the fact that Gmail has active users in billions, whereas Microsoft has over 400 million active users. Both are web-based email services and offer almost the same features and options. 

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Best Alternatives to 123Movies

123movies is the most popular website that provides the latest movies as well as TV series in high quality without any cost. Every movie lover is aware of this website due to its user-friendly interface and high-quality content. Due to being a pirated website, it was closed down in March 2018.

After that, they created many mini and sub-websites but they are not as popular and effective due to annoying popup ads, unlike the original version that was very user-friendly and free on top of that no registration was required.

So, if you are not satisfied with the new 123 movies website or are not willing to deal with annoying adds then you can look at the following mentioned websites they are a perfect substitute of 123 movies.

1: Putlocker:

This is a perfect alternative for 123 movies as it has similar features e.g. minimum adds, mirror links, high-quality content, user-friendly interface and a vast variety of famous and latest movies and TV shows. They have a country filter on their website that shows they provide contents of different countries like India, Korea, Japan, and many others. It is also free of cost.

2: M4uFree: (https://m4ufree.kim/)

This website is best for use when you know what you want to watch as they don’t have filters like genres or years. They have a very vast variety of drams and movies and the most attractive thing is that you don’t have to deal with annoying popup ads. They have a very fast uploading speed even on mobile phones and when you play a video it will surly play in no time and on top of that you don’t have to go through any kind of registration process. 

3: xMovies8: (https://xmovies8.club/)

xMovies8 is an alternative of 123 movies and its best part is that it does not show any adds and does not charge a single penny to its users that makes it more attractive and desirable. It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows and a very easy user interface with a lot of filters that make your movie search easy. If you don’t want to watch any add then you can open ad-block to avoid links of sponsored sites and you are good to go!

4: Streaming:

This website is a great choice for every movie after gledalica and TV show lovers. They have a very huge collection of movies, TV shows of different genres and different years. They provide high-quality content and very fast uploading speed and a user interface similar to Netflix. So, if you want to use Netflix without subscription then this is your thing.

5: Yes Movies:

This is another free website that offers a huge variety of movies and tv shows arranged under genre filter. They provide different resolutions so that the user can choose their desired picture quality. They have contents from different sources as they don’t host anything themselves. They allow their user to rate movies that helps you in deciding either you should give this movie a chance or search for others.

6: YoMovies:

This website is a perfect replacement for 123 movie users who like to watch Hindi movies in high quality for free without any signup and registration process. They have a very easy website layout and created different categories for users like Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil and south-Hindi dubbed movies, etc.

7: Spacemov:

This is a great substitute for 123 movies as it has a similar user interface with a large collection of movies and tv shows in high quality and on top of that it has even faster video uploading speed then 123movies with no video lags and also there is no registration or login requirement.

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